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Much has been said about other Motorcycle groups telling us what we can and cannot do. Some members are resentful that groups of which they are not even members feel they have the right to decide for us what the rules of the road are.

We CANNOT wear Rockers.
We CANNOT wear patches telling where we are from.
We CANNOT wear patches signifying we are a Motorcycle Club ("MC").
We CANNOT wear Patches similar to the Club Colors of established Motorcycle groups.

What right do they have to tell us what we can and cannot wear?

The answers are given on the "Confederation of Clubs" websites.

The Confederation of Clubs was established many years ago to serve as a regulating body for Motorcycle Clubs, Riding Clubs and Ministry Clubs. Their purpose is to keep track of Riding Groups in the many States, to avoid copyright infringements of Club Patches and to oversee the behavior of the various riding groups.

Their purpose is to monitor club activities to ensure that one club does not indulge in behaviors which might cause trouble for ALL the clubs in that area.When you choose to wear a Patch on your back, identifying yourself as a member of a motorcycle group, you immediately came under the rules and guidelines of the Confederation of Clubs (CoC).

MC's or Motorcycle Clubs.

There are five main Motorcycle Clubs in America. They set the standards for all other "Farm Clubs" or "Support Clubs". These five are the only Clubs allowed to wear the "One-Percenter" patch.

Under them are the other clubs which may or may not be "Support" Clubs. For example the "US MIlitary Veterans" are a recognized "Motorcycle Club" but they have no affiliation with any of the top MC's. The same is true for the various Ministry Clubs, often called Christian Bikers.

Usually there is one dominant club in an area, one of whose duties is to enforce the guidelines of the CoC.

Riding Clubs

Riding Clubs are an entirely new category. Riding clubs usually claim no affiliation to any other clubs and their sole purpose is to get together for fun and to ride as a group. For this type of group, riding is a "Sport" rather than a way of life, diferentiating them from the more hardcore riders of the MC's

Riding clubs are allowed to wear a back patch (usually round or oval), identifying themselves as a group, but not the "Rockers" (Curved banners above and below their patch, telling their groups name and location). Rockers are reserved for the recognized Motorcycle Clubs (MC).

Sometimes a Riding Club is allowed to wear an upper rocker with the Group's name, but never a bottom rocker, giving their location. This is called "Claiming Territory" and is forbidden to all but the upper echelon groups (the Motorcycle Clubs).

While the Mooseriders might be allowed to wear their Lodge number on their patch, we should NEVER identify ourselves by City and State. Lodge 3754 embroidered into the patch would be acceptable, but a rocker saying <My City, Georgia> would be a violation of CoC guidelines

Non Affiliated Groups

These are loosly organized groups whose main purpose is to support another organization but enjoy riding as a group. The Mooseriders falls into this category, since we are Members of the Loyal Order of Moose, who happen to ride motorcycles. Our primary goal is to support our Lodge in its charitable endeavors, usually through motorcycle related activities.

When such a group decides they are going to identify themselves with a patch or Logo on the back of their vests, they are stepping up to the Riding Club status and should inform the CoC of their decision, to make sure they are not infringing on another groups logo or club colors.


The Confederation of Clubs is there to make sure the riding community is safe and organized for all riders, whether they are aware of the CoC's activities or not. Violating their guidelines would be similar to a new Moose member deciding he liked the looks of those snazzy gold blazers and deciding to wear one to all Moose functions.

It just ain't done!


This design has been selected as the "Official" Mooseriders logo, according to the National eGroup.


Information about this wonderful organization can be obtained at
 Warner Robins Moose Lodge, #1688.

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