3rd Annual Fish-Lie Flagging

Flagging # 157

August 5, 2006



All pictures are thumbnailed.  Click on the picture to see the larger version.
Pictures by Bud Cranford except where specified.


Pete Giddens, readies the Confederate Air Force for launch

(L)   The early bird crew were already at the site when I arrived shortly after 11 am
(R)  The 2nd of three helicopters arrives


A better shot of the 2nd helicopter landing.  We thought this was Perdue until the 3rd copter came in.
Photo by Jim Woods. 


Placing the signs "Sonny Lied" and the 5 X 8 Real Georgia Flag
Center picture by Russ Huffman
R)  Bud, Pete & Don attach the Flag.
Picture on right by Steve Scroggins

A Successful Launch

The Confederate Air Force flew overhead for the entire afternoon.
At 50 feet over our heads it drew quite a bit of attention from local motorists.


(L)  View looking west.
(Center & R)  Russ Huffman and Joe Yuzimas man the southeast corner.

(L)  Sonny Arrives.  If I was able to get this good a picture with my camera's low zoom, you know he was able to get a good look at us.
(R)  When we arrived, someone had beat us to the punch.  This "Sonny" sign got stickered.


(L)  Me (Bud Cranford), George Bell and his girlfriend.
(R)  Jim Woods & Bud frame the CSAF blimp.   That's Confederate States Air Force in case you didn't know.
Pictures by Steve Scroggins

(L)  The scene to my left (east)
(Center) The scene to my Right (west)
(R)  The Perdue supporters begin their exit and run the gauntlet of Flaggers.


August 5, 2006 was a hot sunny day (No pun intended, though it was hot for Sonny, too).  With temperatures at 100o, about 25 heritage supporters gathered to show Governor Perdue we have not forgotten his treachery over a vote for our Georgia Flag.

Despite the near record heat we stayed on site until Perdue left (giving us a very wide berth).

This was one of the very few Flaggings where the Mechanized Cavalry was dismounted.  I had broken a chain on Friday and could not replace it in time for the Fish-Lie, but Ralph Carson and the wife & children of Jimmy Woods took over the strafing runs.  They circled the area with flag bedecked cars and trucks, honking their horns and waving to other motorists.

It was a rather uneventful event as the Georgia State Patrol was not there to watch over us and the security for the Georgia National Fairgrounds was told to not admit any vehicles with flags.  Traffic seemed lighter than usual, probably due to high gasoline prices, but still we received greater than usual support from passing motorists.  Most were smiling, waving back, giving us the thumbs-up or honking as they passed our lines.

I left the site at about 2:20.  The Chicken, Perdue, had flown away and most of his supporters had left, but the heat had taken it's toll on me.  Despite the temperature, I noticed I had stopped sweating.  Aware this was a warning sign of impending heat stroke, I furled my flag and headed for cooler temperatures; my air conditioned home.  It seems, from Steve Scroggins report, that I left just before the day's visit by Perdue's goons and the Perry Police.  I should have stayed another ten minutes.  Steve's Report

My apologies to those I didn't say goodbye to, but I was NOT in good shape by then.

Unfortunately this should be the last Fish-Lie Flagging.  With any luck at all, by August 2007, Perdue will be our latest one-term Past-Governor and he'll have no need for this event.  Then we can get to work on Mark Taylor and campaigning for Ray McBerry in 2010.




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