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1980 saw the birth of a new Southern Rock group, known at the Rossington Collins Band, named after its founding members, Gary Rossington and Allen Collins.

Both were members of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band and had survive3d the plane crash which took the lives of singer Ronnie Van Zandt, guitarist Steve Gaines, and his sister and back-up vocalist, Cassie Gaines.
Rather than try to reform Skynyrd, they chose to change the entire format of their music, adding Dale Krantz as vocalist.

In 1980, they felt they were ready to begin touring and as a pre-tour introduction show, they performed in Jacksonville, Florida with the Georgia based group Stillwater, as their opening act.

Stillwater consisted of Mike Causey (Guitar), Rob Walker (Guitar/Vocals), Bobby Golden (Guitar/Vocals), Bob Spearman (Keyboard/Vocals), Al Scarborough (Bass),
Sebie Lacy (Drums/Vocals), and Jimmy Hall (Percussion/Vocals)

The photos below were taken by my friend Sheryl Windham Newby (R.I.P.), with a disposable camera.
Those who remember that camera from the 1970's/80's will remember that they were not known for their high quality images.
Between that, the stage lighting and the fact that these are scans of the original pictures, accounts for the poor quality.
I cleaned them up, in Photoshop, as well as I could, but there's only so much I could do.
(Photos courtesy of Lucy Ramsey)

Al Scarborough - Rob Walker - Sebie Lacy -
Bob Spearman
Is that Bobby Golden hiding behind Rob?
  Bob Spearman - Al Scarborough - Bobby Golden -
Rob Walker - Sebie Lacy- Mike Causey



Rossington Collins Band
Gary Rossington
Allen Collins
Dale Krantz
Derek Hess
Leon Wilkerson
Leon was actually declared dead at the scene of the Skynyrd crash, but was successfully resuscitated.

Sheryl and Merle (Tory) Torsdenson at the Stillwater band house.
(Lucy insisted that I add this one)



Unfortunately, the Rossington Collins band was rather short lived.
Problems plagued the band and when founder Allen Collins lost his wife Kathy, his regret and grief led to the band's dissolution.


Shortly after, the Stillwater band also broke up, as they seemed to have risen as far as they could go.
They still occasionally regroup for special occasions and benefits.


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