Womanless Beauty Pageant

On January 19, 2008 the Moose Lodge held a Womanless Beauty Pageant to raise money for the various satellite clubs.
Represented were The Moose Legion, Women of the Moose, Golf Club, Dance Club, MooseRiders, Moose Officers, MORK (Moose Outdoor Recreation Committee), The Boat Club, The Billiards Club and the 25 Club.


May cause nausea dizziness, vomiting and a desire to claw your eyes out when viewed.


Danielle Pettis
Michellina Brannan
Bubbette Bradshaw
Bubbette, again
??Forgot the name??
Bubbette's getting wild!
Michelle Day
Michelle & Michellina
Danielle starts the contest
Michellina (aka: Vampira)
Raymona stole the show
These Mooserider Babes were the hit of the Pageant.
I think I've seen them in wet T-Shirt Contests at Angel City, before
Tomisina Brown
What girls name can you get from Todd???
Tomisina, Again
The Girls plan their strategy
Waltessa Zurowski
Waltessa showing her curves
A close up of Michelle. Ain't she a beauty?
Soliciting (?) for Votes
The wrangler who kept these heifers under control
Big Dog gets a lapful of Raymona
Is Michelle pouting?
A bevy of beauties
Awaiting the final tally of the votes
The Moosrider babes take a combined 1st runner-up
And the winner is . . . . . RAYMONA
Wrangler Chris & M.C. Chris
The Contestants, before the show

The womanless Beauty Pageant was a great success, raising funds for all the Satellite Clubs in the Lodge; and everyone had fun.

Thank you, to all who participated and made this event such a success.