In Memoriam
Cornelia G. Cranford
July 3, 1913 to December 13, 2006
93 years, 5 months and 10 days

Also See The Page dedicated to her sister
Anne Ginnan McGrath
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Bud Cranford, Neal Cranford and Ed Cranford


The Entire Ginnan Clan.
Front)  Virginia Dooling - Tom Ginnan - Mabelle Badgley
(Back)  Jane Culican - Neal Cranford - Anne McGrath - John Ginnan - Sheila Bayless - Mary Schad
This is the only known photo of the entire family.
They were assembled for the passing of their mother,
Cornelia Teresa Beauchat Ginnan


The Mass Card from the Funeral


Blowing out the Candles on her 90th Birthday.  July 3, 2003.



Four Generations

Jason Cranford (with Baby Linc), Neal Cranford, and Bud Cranford 

Steve Cranford, Chrissie, Neal and Bud 

July 3, 2006

July 3, 2005


Just sitting back, relaxing.


Cutting the Cake on her 89th Birthday.
Assisted by Co-Birthday Boy, Jason Cranford.
Jason, my 2nd son, was born on Mom's 60th Birthday.
What a Birthday Present!


Opening the presents on her 90th Birthday.



At Summer Hill, where she spent the last years of her life.


Some scenes from her 93rd Birthday (July 3, 2006)



Ready to Ride.
Thanksgiving, November 23, 2006
Just 20 days before her passing.

While I thought this was the last picture taken of her, it seems that my son Steve and his wife had
visited her on December 9, just 4 days before she passed away.

Though not the most flattering picture I decided to include it since it was her last photograph.
She had on no makeup and wasn't wearing her glasses.


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