Deb's Pro Karaoke Player Installation  

For my friends who have difficulty installing Deb's Karaoke Player Pro and making it work.


(1) Install Deb's Pro Karaoke Player.
Deb's Pro Karaoke Player Must have the correct version of Java installed to run properly.

(1-a) Java Version 7 64 bit
Deb's Pro Karaoke Player requires Java 7 to work. Updates may stop it from accessing it's database.
I have found that you sometimes need the 32 bit version of Java 7, even though your computer might be a 64 bit operating system.
if Deb's ever has trouble assessing the database of information, check your Java version.
It probably has updated Java to a version that is incompatible with Deb's Pro Karaoke Player.

(2) Install Winamp 5.56

When Deb's is running and you have installed Winamp, a couple of programs help it display properly

Pacemaker is used when you need to change the speed of the music.
It can change either the tempo and Pitch or just the tempo (speed).


(4) Download and install MP3+CDG or WMP CD+G
Needed to display the graphics (words) on the screen.


Additional information might be available at



Backing up your database
Click above for instructions.


  WINDOWS 10 Problem  

When I upgraded to Windows 10, Deb's Pro Karaoke Player reverted back to Trial Mode,

When the first major update was released (1511 Update) my key would not work, again.

With the most recent update (1608 or Anniversary Update) it again, reverted to Trial Mode

Deb is very understanding, and this is not the fault of her program. It is the changes in the Windows 10 operating system.
The system changes are significant enough that since the key is built for that specific computer, it thinks this is a different machine.
All you have to do is email Deb with the new activation key, generated by the program, and she will sent you a new Activation.
It's a nuisance, but we'll have to put up with it about once a year.



A couple of other tricks I have learned.

When you are doing a show, you might be given a song file that you didn't have, previously.
I have taken a song file from my collection that the other KJ's didn't have, and put it on a thumb drive, to add to their collection.
Outside of Deb's, Drag and Drop this file from the thumb drive, into your storage folder.
To add this selection to Deb's, so you can play it immediately, locate the file in your storage folder, then drag it into Deb's playlist window, even if another performer is singing.
It will add that song to the current playlist, though it is not even in your Database.
You can double-click on the blank Name space, to add the performer's name, so it will be saved in their history.
When you update the database, the song will become discoverable through Deb's Search feature.
While I'm on that subject, "Create Database" will delete, then re-write the entire database.
"Update Database" will leave the original database intact but add any new files it finds.


Occasionally a singer will ask you to adjust the Pitch (key) of the song, while they are singing.
Of course you can adjust this using Deb's interface, but this will not save the changes. The next time they ask for the song, it will revert to the original key.
If you go to the selection they are singing in the playlist window, and Double-Click on their Name, it will bring up the song settings, without interfering with the playback.
(NOTE: If you accidentally click on the song title, it will play that song.)
From here, you can also make changes to the pitch. Bring it up or down, as necessary.
REMEMBER: Deb's adjusts in 1/2 note increments. Two clicks will change the song by one full note.
When you close the window the changes are a permanent part of their history.
The next time they ask for this song, it will be in the lower or higher key.


Even more rarely. the singer will say the song is too slow or too fast.
In the "Pacemaker interface you can adjust the speed, Tempo, or both.
Make sure the "Pacemaker" window is open. You should see three controls. TEMPO - PITCH - SPEED.
TEMPO with make the song slower or faster without effecting the Key or Pitch of the music.
PITCH with raise or lower the key or Pitch of the music.
SPEED will adjust the speed of the music and raise or lower the pitch, equally. (I can't imagine needing this).
TEMPO and SPEED increase the speed of the song by per-centages, while PITCH will change the key of the music in 1/2 note intervals.
Personally, I would use the Pacemaker interface only for speeding up or slowing the song by adjusting the TEMPO control.


I hope this makes your installation simpler and easier.


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