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The SCV Mechanized Cavalry are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who ride motorcycles and desired to find other like-minded persons who shared their passion for motorcycles and their Confederate Heritage.

The Georgia division, known as 3rd Battalion, Company B is one of the strongest contingents in the Mechanized Cavalry.

We do not recruit new members.  The only way to join is through the blood of your Confederate ancestor. You are born into this group or you cannot become a member.

Currently under the leadership of Wayne Scarborough of Byron, GA. this Company has enjoyed tremendous growth, boasting of over 150 members.

The entire Mechanized Cavalry has over 1850 members in 19 States and also Spain, Holland, Canada, Wales, and Germany; natives of their respective Countries whose ancestors fought for the Confederate States of America.


3rd Battalion, Company B
Captain - Wayne Scarborough
Lieutenant - Tim (Trigger) Hawkins
Communications - James "Bo" Hall
Chaplain - James (Oatmeal) Hudson
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Be sure to include your name and Mech-Cav number when Joining.

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