July 24 - 28, 2004



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(Left)  Alan Dyer (l) and Boomer Lockhart (r) Discuss important details concerning the 7th Annual.  Probably "Who's got the beer?"
(Right)  Ralph (Parson) Cross taking it easy. 
(Got Milk?)
"Fort Tick" the headquarters of the Georgia Division




View of the Campground and one of the cabins.  We couldn't ask for a nicer setting, until the trouble set in.
(Left)  Major Kevin Stone at the cooking tent, trying to talk Boomer out of a midnight snack.

(Right)  Muley (l) socializes with J.D. Spivey (center) and Eddie Hearst (r)




(Left)  J.D. Spivey and Colonel Reuben Hamby prepare for the Awards Ceremony.

(Right) Parson Cross, ready to Ride.


The 7th Annual got off to a rousing start.

Saturday was the day to renew old acquaintances and to make new friends, so I roamed the Camp, trying to meet all those members I have spoken to on the e-Group but had never met. 

Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to get to the Campgrounds, I left my camera at the motel and didn't get any pictures until the following morning.  By the time I got there, most of the riders had pulled out for the Atlanta Ride and there were very few left in camp.

That evening, a torrential downpour kept many away and I didn't return to the Campgrounds until almost 10:00 pm.  That was when I learned that the manager had decided to change his policy and was requesting $4.00 per head from everyone in the camp.  Who has ever heard of a KOA Campground renting by the person rather than by the space?

By now, the manager was patrolling the property, quieting everyone who was speaking louder than a normal conversational tone.  My favorite idea was to wait until midnight, then crank up the bikes and take a tour of the entire KOA site.  Then a few who shall remain nameless decided that if we were being kicked out anyway, it would be a good time to set off some fireworks.  Naturally, the Manager frowned on this, so now he, as well as our members, were not "Happy Campers".


To make a long story short, most of the Campers decided to move to the Jonderosa on Monday morning.  Some, who stayed in Motels, decided to change to a motel in Trenton, to be nearer the Jonderosa.  Others refused to budge and stayed at the KOA so our attendance was limited for the evening festivities as we were now scattered across the north-west section of Georgia.

I encourage everyone to Contact Kampgrounds of America (KOA) and let them know how much we "enjoyed" our stay at their site in Ringgold, Georgia.  The address of their main headquarters is:

Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
PO BOX 30558
Billings, MT 59114

Telephone: (406) 248-7444 Fax: (406) 248-7414


Or visit their website at http://www.koa.com/groups/ and let them know how we were treated.




In the meantime, this very suspicious looking character had joined our forces.  He didn't look like us, at all, but we allowed him to stay.  Colonel Hamby even went so far as to say that this is more like he expected Me to look.

I'll include his picture, just in case you ever run across this unknown Mechanized Rider.


(Hint.  This is NOT a picture of Me)


This is a old Pic of our own Ralph (Parson) Cross,
before he decided to look after us pore 'ol heathen Bikers, instead.



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