10th Annual


June 2007


Atlantic Beach, North Carolina



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Georgia Meeting - January 18, 2004

Hellanta, Georgia - January 20, 2004

Andersonville Run - March 20, 2004

Wetumpka Alabama Parade - April 3, 2004

Marietta Parade - July 4, 2004

Andersonville Run - Two - July 10, 2004

10th Annual - June, 2007

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Since I wasn't able to be there, it's difficult for me to offer any commentary,
but here are all the pictures that were sent to me.

The "Green Mummy"
This is one of the South Carolina members, sheltering from the early morning rain
and trying to get a few more minutes sleep.


Sunrise at the Campsite


Waiting for the Main Group


The Bikes take a Ferry Ride


Back on Dry Land, Ready for Lunch


Back on the Road . . . well, Almost




The Ferry Ride back to the Mainland


Back at the Campgrounds




All the above photos, courtesy of Dennis Shelly (aka; BrittonsNeck)






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