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First report to the Georgia SCV Division e-Group

Round One went real well in Macon, Georgia, this morning.

Between 40 and 50 people showed up to Flag the GOP Convention.  The Macon Police were very helpful and spent most of their time directing Traffic.  Most of the Politicians saw us as they pulled into the Macon Centreplex with many of them smiling, waving and giving us the "Thumbs-Up" signal, though there were a few who thought we were Number One and saluted with a raised Middle Finger.

We lined both sides of the street near the entrance and some, such as Elijah Coleman with his Chicken Perdue stuffed rooster , took their position on the driveway into the Centreplex.

Myself and another motorcyclist decided to take up a mounted offensive and rode up and down the street in front of the Centreplex with 3 X 5 REAL Georgia Flags flying behind us.

The Confederate Air Force was there, flying overhead, with two signs, "56 or Fight" and "GOP is DOA"

Round two will begin about 2:00 when the Convention ends for the day.

We weren't the only ones there.  This Balloon was calling for a National Sales Tax to replace the IRS

James T. Woodward Camp #1399 members were among the first to arrive.

Randy Willis (left) and Russ Huffman pulled up shortly after I did.
Thanks to those who attended.  Randy Willis - Russ Huffman - Steve Scroggins - and myself, Bud Cranford
Thanks also to A.O. Smith who called immediately after I got home and said he was present in Spirit.



Getting set up.  We abandoned our first site in favor of the main entrance to the Macon Centreplex.
Due to distance and the bright morning sunlight I couldn't include pictures of the dozen others on the east side of Coliseum Drive.


Two more of the west side of the street
Check out the patch in the picture on the right
(Courtesy of Carl Sears)

The east side of Coliseum Drive 
(Courtesy of Carl Sears)


Camp #1399 Adjutant, Steve Scroggins was on hand - Seen here being interviewed by the Macon Telegraph (left)

(Right) Two new Flaggers?  Two members of the Macon P.D. were on hand and I just happened to catch them in front of the REAL Georgia Flag,

(left)  Michael Aumann, a first-time Flagger.  Michael is from Illinois, originally, but believes in the cause.

(center)  Carl Sears of Waycross and Samantha.  Nice Dress

(right)  Elijah Coleman was on hand, with "Foghorn J. Perdue"

The Mechanized Cavalry gets ready.
Bud Cranford (left) and Michael Aumann (non-SCV) get ready to Ride
Motorcycle Photos by Steve Scroggins



Last two pictures courtesy of Carl Sears
Waving to the Motorists as we rode from one end of the Centreplex to the other.
We decided to enhance our "Straffing" runs and began riding into the Centreplex parking lot directly in front of the main entrance, where the Attendees were gathered.

You may have noticed that my flag pole was a little short?  Eventually the flag itself got caught in the rear brake assembly.  I now have a REAL Georgia Battle Flag design and it has the scars to prove it.  This shredded the end of the flag and bought an end to our Mechanized Raid.


Second report to the Georgia SCV Division e-Group

Round two of the GOP Flagging went almost as good as Round One.  The Convention ended later than expected and several Flaggers had other business to attend to, but  by my count there were seventeen there for the afternoon session.

I didn't take any more pictures since we were spread so far apart.

The only unfortunate incident was when three black youths began to throw rocks and holler profanities at the group at gate two.  Fortunately, no one was injured and the Macon Police quickly apprehended the youths.

When the Convention attendants began to leave, many stopped to ask questions of the Flaggers, including representatives  (supposedly) of the National GOP website.  They spent a considerable amount of time doing an on camera interview with Elijah.

Whenever one asked "What can we do to keep you from ripping the GOP apart, satisfy you, get you to leave us alone, our reply was always "Let us vote on the 56 Flag".

Someone from the Convention stopped and handed me a dozen badges they claimed were being passed out at the Convention.  The badges read "Sonny Lied".  Most of the flaggers left got one for their own, to wear at future Flag Rallies.

All in all, it was a very successful day and they sure do know we're still out there and aren't backing down as they hoped.

If you haven't tried Flagging yet, do so ASAP.  But I warn you, it's habit forming.  Bet you can't Flag just once.


Bud Cranford
Battalion Adjutant - SCV-Mechanized Cavalry
Moderator for Yahoo SCV-MC and SCV Camp #1399 e-Group




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