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What is Flagging?

Flagging is any use of Confederate Symbols and Flags to oppose Heritage attacks against Confederate icons and the Rights of Southerners.

The best known example are the Georgia Flaggers who originated this practice by following former Governor Roy Barnes and other politicians who removed our beloved 1956 flag without allowing the public any say in the matter.

Their displays of the 1956 Georgia Flag at public events where Barnes and other scalawags were in attendance, ultimately led to Barnes failure to be re-elected.

What is a Flagger?

A Flagger is someone who supports their Confederate Heritage and is willing to do so visibly by displaying Confederate symbols openly at demonstrations against Politicians and Businesses.

Individual Flaggers may be affiliated with other Heritage Organizations such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans, League of the South, Southern Party of Georgia, etc, but this is not a requirement to becoming active in protecting our Southern Heritage.



What does it take to become a Flagger?

The qualifications to become a Flagger are simple.

  • You must be willing to stand in the hot sun for hours.

  • You must be willing to endure rain and other bad weather.

  • You must be willing to be seen and often misquoted by the News Media.

  • You should be able to travel to events near you.

  • You should be level headed and not take offense or react when you are insulted by the ignorant.

  • You must be dedicated to preserving the memories of the Confederate States of America.

  • You should dress and act in such a manner that will bring credit to our common cause.

    You should NOT use Flaggings to promote racist views or opinions.

How Do I become active?

The easiest way is to already know a Flagger, and simply ask to join them at the next event.

If you do not know someone who is already dedicated, Georgia is already divided into Flagging Districts, with certain contact persons.

Middle Georgia, and anyone who does not have a contact can email me (Bud) Here.  More addresses will be added as our Compatriots ask to be added to this list.

Flaggers are NOT members of any "Secret Society", but for obvious reasons we value our privacy.  Please respect this and understand why I do not publish any email addresses without permission.


Some techniques that have worked for us.
Nothing is too outrageous


The Air Force
The Confederate Air Force can be costly, but it sure does attract notice.

Pete Giddens supplied the Blimp.  No one knows who hired the Airplanes.


The Cavalry
The SCV-Mechanized Cavalry originated Mobile Flagging, with their motorcycles.  When at rest, they make good Flag-Stands.

The Infantry
Signs and Props are very useful in delivering your message.


Guerrilla Theatre
Some Messages don't need a sign to get their point across.

King Rat (Former Governor Roy Barnes) and Jessie Jackson.


Some Flaggings I have participated in
 Flagging Index 


Other Flagging Sites
 Turncoats 2003
        Southern Messenger Pix


The following is a letter from a Georgia Flagger, describing our Cause



What is a flagging?  Well here is a Georgia Flagger's

The use of state & Confederate flags as weapons against stupid politically correct elected officials and businesses.   

Our arsenal includes bullhorns, signs , props, flags, flag holders (the more flags the better - regardless of the amount of people) air-horns, placards, chants, leaflets, SCV applications, extra flags for sale.

Pick a location or a politician (like speaker of the house) and flag them relentlessly. We Georgia flaggers have been known to flag at Govs Mansion, State Capitol, Politicians homes, Politicians businesses, Politicians' family weddings, campaign appearances, fundraiser dinners, sporting events, county fairs, parades, and on overpasses.

Be specific and flag for a reason.  State your case and do not deviate from it - followers will come to you.  Be neither democrat or republican.   Demand change and expect it.  Threaten them with flaggings and follow thru. As long as politicians fear nothing then you will always get nothing.  Support those who support you and the cause - but getting out of the house and becoming dedicated at flagging is a must.  Not every person can make every flagging, but that is where numbers come in.  After a few initial flaggings with low turnouts, people will take notice and want to join.  Flagging is fun and addictive.  Chances to advance the Dixie colors are many and for good reason.

Flagging will upset the Grannies (politicians) and the press will be against you, plus about 2 out of every 35 people will give you a bird or thumbs-down, but the politicians will wake up and things will change.  Let us not sit in our comfort zones anymore....

Thanx & God Bless
Billy Bearden


Billy Bearden, the Author of this letter, was the only person to successfully "Flag" the Dedication Ceremony for the Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia.




Here is a document I wrote, intended to be an Editorial to the Newspapers but which became too lengthy for Publication.


There is a new breed of man emerging today in Georgia.

 In our troubled times it is sometimes difficult to tell the Heroes from the Villains, and these modern Patriots are no different.  Some honor them for their strength of conviction, while others vilify them for their cause.

 These are the men who in 1861 would have gladly put aside their plows and marched off to answer the call to repel the Yankee invader.  They come from all walks of life, from executives to blue collar workers.  They unite in what they perceive to be an unconscionable attitude from the leadership of our elected Officials, who they believe are doing injustices to the people of Georgia.  They receive no reward for what they do, using their own hard earned pay to further a cause to which some other Georgians resent and object.

 They have been ridiculed and lampooned by the Media, abused by some segments of Society and some have even lost jobs and Wives for their activities, yet still they persist.  They are modern Vigilantes, guarding the public trust against an insensitive government, with no more reward than the knowledge that they are doing what they feel is right.

 At first glance they appear to be simply fighting for the return of a past Georgia Flag, but after closer scrutiny, it appears their mission to bring back integrity to Georgia’s Political leaders.  Their enemy is the Politician who, deliberately or not, misleads their constituents and sometimes blatantly lies to them.

 These men are the same as those who in past times conducted the raid known as the “Boston Tea Party”.  They are the ones who were at Lexington when they fired the “Shot heard ‘round the World”.  These are the men who today are trying to bring about a political revolution in our State and return the Freedom of Government to the people.

 Know them and show them respect.  They are known as “Flaggers”.


                                                                                                Bud Cranford

                                                                                                May 14, 2003




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