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Round One,
Georgia Aviation Technical College

(Flagging # 15)

Seen on Highway 341 near Eastman

Main Entrance


Jack Bridwell - Georgia Division Commander - SCV

The pictures don't do our numbers Justice.
We estimated 25 flaggers but the news media said there were about 40
Who are we to argue with the "Experts"?


Waving with the Perdue Rubber Chicken

Steve Scroggins (Camp #1399 Adjutant) is interviewed for WMAZ-TV


The Mechanized Cavalry was on hand, along with the Confederate Air Force (Dirigible Division)
Looks Good, Pete



Round Two
Eastman Youth Detention Center

(Flagging # 16)

I didn't take many Pix here.
(left) the YDC  with the Perdue/Franklin Flag flying
(right) Carl Sears getting set up




Round Three
New DNR Fishing Center

(Flagging # 18)

We didn't make it to this one.  By the time we left the YDC, Perdue was already there so we decided to move on the the Perry Site.



Round Four
Perry Agricultural Center and
Georgia National Fairgrounds

(Flagging # 17)

Our numbers had dwindled by this time.  Lijah, Janet, Larry, Wayne and myself were all that was left


Fairground Security didn't like the signs being placed in the Ground so I turned my motorcycle into a flag-stand


Finally I had to go back to Mobile Flagging.  The Cavalry can't be still too long.
(Click the picture for a larger, readable version)


 All in all, I would count this as a successful Day.
Three out of Four Targets were completed.
I think Perdue had seen enough of us.

He snuck in the back way to the Ag-Center in Perry to avoid driving past us



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