James T. Woodward

SCV Camp 1399



 Official Camp #1399 Website
 Lee-Jackson Banquet - 16 January, 2004
 Confederate Monument Re-Dedication
 Confederate Memorial Day, 2002
 Confederate Memorial Day, 2003
 Confederate Memorial Day, 2005
 Confederate Memorial Day, 2007
 SCV Salute to American Veterans 2008 
 SCV Salute to American Veterans 2009 
 Robert E. Lee Birthday 2010 
 SCV Salute to American Veterans 2010 

While SCV Camp # 1399 has a great website, I have taken many pictures over the years that I thought were worth sharing with our Compatriots.

This page is in no way intended to be an "Official" website of the James T. Woodward Camp # 1399.  It is simply to display some of the many pictures I have taken over the years.



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