Confederate Monument
at the Cliett Cemetery

June 24, 2006



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Pictures by Bud Cranford except where specified.


(L) Visitors begin arriving
(R) A Battle Flag floral arrangement

(L) the marker for the Cliett Cemetery.
(R) "Simple Heritage", a musical group from Middle Georgia


(L) More people began arriving as the time of the ceremony drew near

The Honor Guard begins assembling for their part in the ceremony.


The Honor Guard takes their position behind the Monument

(L) Camp Commander, Chris Pritchett delivers the opening address
(R) Past Commander, Ben Lowrey delivers the opening prayer


The Monument is at last unveiled

The Color Guard, (Walter Duckworth and Ricky Smith), raise the Confederate Flag.


(L)  The Honor Guard Presents Arms.
(R)  The first of three volleys, honoring our Confederate dead.

(L)  The women of the United Daughters of the Confederacy place the Memorial Wreath.
(R)  Pastor John Weaver, the keynote speaker, does his usual superb job.


The crowd, numbering over 100, listens in rapt attention as Pastor Weaver discourses on the memory of the Confederate soldier.

No Ceremony honoring our Confederate ancestors is complete without the singing of "Dixie".
"Simple Heritage" did a wonderful job.


Two views of the Confederate Monument.
It is great to once again have it on public display

The brick honoring my Great-Grandfather's service to the Confederacy.


This monument had previously been erected and dedicated at a site on GA Highway 96 in Bonaire, Georgia, but due to a dispute with the landowner it was necessary to remove it.  For three long years it languished, unforgotten in a horse stable until we recently found a new location where it could be once again displayed for the public.

June 24, 2006 offered perfect weather (though hot) for the re-dedication ceremony of SCV Camp 1399's monument to our Confederate ancestors.  Over one hundred people braved temperatures in the triple digits to attend this ceremony to honor our Confederate ancestors.

The ceremony commenced at 4:00 pm with Commander Chris Pritchett giving the opening remarks, followed by the opening prayer, delivered by Past Commander, Ben Lowrey.

Following the prayer, the ceremony went directly to the reason we were there, on a hot simmer afternoon; the unveiling of the Monument.  There were murmurs of admiration as the cover was drawn back revealing the beautiful granite monument, placed behind a plaza of red bricks, each inscribed with the name of many of our Confederate Ancestors.

The Color Guard then raised the Confederate Flag over the monument followed by the placing of the Memorial Wreath buy members of the united Daughters of the Confederacy and a 21 gun salute by the Honor Guard.

After the salute, Commander Pritchett introduced our guest speaker, Pastor John Weaver, who discoursed on the virtues and dedication of the Confederate soldier.  Any one who has not heard Pastor Weaver speak has missed a great opportunity.  With his gift for oratory, Pastor Weaver can bring the trials and tribulations of the soldiers to life in a way that is just short of magic.

Following Pastor Weaver's speech, Commander Pritchett delivered his closing remarks followed by the benediction  by acting Chaplain Ben Lowery.  The ceremony concluded, we all partook of the refreshments offered, especially the cold drinks.

It was truly a day that will be remembered by those in attendance.



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