FLagging The Capitol
May 8, 2003



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On May 8, 2003, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue signed into Law HB 380, which created yet another Georgia Flag, replacing the version created by Former Governor Roy Barnes in 2001


Perdue's Georgia Flag

Barnes Flag

This action created yet another Politicians Flag which was forced on all Georgians, without their consent.

During his campaign for Governor, George Ervin (Sonny) Perdue III repeatedly stated that the public would have a voice in the selection of the State Flag and the 1956-2001 Flag would be on the ballot. 

After several rounds in both the House and the Senate an amended Bill was approved for the Governor's signature.  Perdue's choice was clear.  He could Sign the Bill, making it Law or he could Veto.

Choosing instead to allow his proposed tax bill to pass, Sonny signed HB 380, thereby denying a voice to the very citizens who elected him and conclusively proving that the new Governor lied to his public to gain their support for his election.

Roy Barnes will have company in 2006 when Sonny Perdue becomes yet another "One Term" Governor.


The following are some of the many Pictures I took while at the Capitol for the signing ceremony.


I finally got my picture taken at a Flagging event.
Usually I'm taking all the pictures and never seen.
Thanks, Lijah

Some scenes before and after the raising of the Flag

Veteran Flagger, Tim Pilgrim announces our opinions (Left and Center)  -  Dan Coleman being interviewed

"Senior" Flagger, Elijah Coleman


And the New, Racially Divisive Flag is hoisted over the Capitol, as a symbol of our Legislator's disregard for the people of the State.







Ben Gray / AJC




Bud Cranford of Kathleen, Ga., with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, rolls up his post-'56 Georgia flag after protesting on the front steps of the state Capitol as the new state flag was raised Thursday.




A page from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for the Rally at the Capitol


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