Atlanta, Georgia

January 14, 2003


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On January 14, 2003, the Sons of Confederate Veterans held a rally in Atlanta, Georgia to welcome our new Governor and also to display our intentions to the Legislature on it's first day in the 2003 session.

From the pictures below, it should be obvious that the SCV is determined to be heard.


The Following were taken at the Parking Lot of Turner Field


Camp #1399 was represented but I couldn't be in the Picture.  I was holding the camera
Mrs. Huffman - Russ Huffman - Robert Poss - A.O. Smith - Randy Wilson - Chris Pritchett


The Mechanized Cavalry was on hand, but without their Motorcycles.
Jon Exum (Left Front) - Jessie Pinson (Left Back) - Joe Walker - "Taz" Cook, (in Uniform) - (Me) Bud Cranford -
Dennis Bellew (in back) - Kipp Pittman - William Walker
"Boomer" Lockhart - Not in the Picture


With a Little "Warm-Up" music, we were off

Those in Uniform took the lead    -    About halfway to the Capitol



Not all the Flag Supporters were White Southerners
The Lakota Sioux (1st Picture) explained to me that the Confederacy was the only
White Government that accepted the Native Americans


The counter-protestors were on hand . . About two Dozen of them
I think they felt outnumbered
24 of them and about 250 of us


At the steps of the Capitol

Three Airplanes with Banners kept circling the Capitol
Since my camera did not zoom well enough I included the last three pictures, taken the day before by Ken Waters
and emailed to me by Dennis Shelly
Sonny Country    -    Let Us Vote, You Promised    -    Barnes was just a Warm-up
It was the first time I saw Airplane "Flaggers".



I couldn't get pictures of all the speakers.  It was like shooting Pix through a sea of Flags
All types were present, The Stars and Bars, the Battle Flag, the 3rd National Flag,
the Cherokee Braves Flag, and a LOT of REAL Georgia Flags

The only troublesome incident was when a middle aged Black man quietly slipped to the Steps and held up a sign denouncing the 1956-2001 Flag
He was quickly and quietly escorted away by armed Policemen and many were not even aware of him
I probably would have missed it myself except that they passed right beside me as they led him away


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