Flagging at Macon (again)

On the Campaign Trail


05 May, 2006




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Pictures by Bud Cranford except where specified.


Perdue was flagged in Macon Georgia on  the fifth of May, 2006.  Is it strange that I thought this was appropriate for Cinco de Mayo?

Flagging #142 went off with only minor problems.  It seems Perdue's security is getting a bit paranoid about his safety and made us keep our distance, namely, across the street.

I was running a little behind and by the time I arrived, Steve Scroggins and Russ Huffman were already set up and awaiting Perdue's arrival


Me (Bud Cranford), arriving late


(Left) Steve Scroggins maintains his vigil on the north side of Mulberry Street.
(center)  Russ Huffman directly in front of Jeneane's Restaurant, on Mulberry Street.
(right)  Steve takes a picture of me, taking a picture of Russ.

(left)  Some strange sights on the streets of Macon.  Why was this woman walking down the street, with her dog in a stroller?
(right)  Two photographers taking our picture, so I took one of them.



(left)  Perdue's supporters congregating on the sidewalk.
(right) Steve Scroggins maintains his position as Russ and I mingle with the "opposition".

(left)  This must be a new mode of transportation for his campaign.  No black SUV, today.  This bus would look much better with a few "Punt Perdue" stickers applied.
(right)  Sonny Perdue kissing babies and shaking hands.



At this point, Macon's finest decided to move us to the other side of the street, even though we were quiet and well behaved.  As I paused to take a picture of Perdue at the podium, his security moved toward me as if to hasten my removal.
(right)  Lieutenant Woodford of the Macon P.D., who initially requested that we move across the street.  To be completely fair, he was polite, but adamant about us moving.

(left)  Me (Bud Cranford) at flagging #142.
(center)  Perdue talks to the media.  Was he lying again?  I think so.  I saw his lips moving.
(right) Steve and Russ relaxing after Perdue left.



During his remarks, Perdue once again commented on the presence of us Flaggers saying that was what made our Country great;  being able to voice your opposition.  I'll bet he gets tired of saying that, real soon.

Since this event was only two doors down from where we made the infamous picture of Perdue, myself and the 56 flag, I couldn't resist the opportunity of asking him to autograph his picture.  As we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries (Nice to see you again, etc.) under the watchful eyes of his security detail, I couldn't resist commenting that if he'd "give us a Fair Flag vote we'd be working for you rather than against you".  He made no comment to this suggestion.


The autograph, in the lower right, reads "God Bless America, Sonny Perdue".
Thank you, to Steve Scroggins for the pictures of myself.


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