Flagging at Perry

2nd Annual Perdue Fish-Fry


06 August, 2005




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Pictures by Bud Cranford except where specified.

The 2nd Annual Sonny Perdue Fish-Fry was a great success . . . for the Flaggers.  I don't know how well Perdue's event went, but we had Flaggers from all over the State, from Valdosta to North Georgia.

Perdue arrived by Fowli-Copter at about 12:15.  It left again within just a few minutes so we assumed Perdue would be leaving by Automobile, but didn't know if it would be the infamous black SUV.

A good time was had by all, as we waved our Flags and settled in for a wait till the Chicken left.




Getting ready for Chicken Perdue.  I arrived at the site about 11:15 and found several participants already there.

Bud Cranford poses alongside his Perdue Fish Fry strafing machine. Like a Flagging Jedi, he launched the initial assaults on the AgriCenter parking lot.

Returning from my first strafing run.

(Photos & comment by SteveMonk)



LEFT:  Steve Scroggins and Joel Coleman set up a large "Sonny Lied" Sign.

RIGHT:  Steve, ready to get to work.


It was the first time I have met Larry Mercer of Valdosta, but he sure came in style.  How about that truck?



Two views of Larry's rear window.

Does this make clear his opinion of Sonny Perdue and Tim Golden (his Representative)?

Who needs Perdue's $10 a plate fish fry?

Jimmy Woods bought us our own Perdue Chicken and Perdue Fish.  Both were spineless and boneless.



LEFT:  Clinton Crawley (behind the Flag), Ben Davis and Jimmy Woods, ready for action.

RIGHT:  This shot does not do justice to the long line of Flags.  I'll bet this looked great to Perdue as his Fowli-Copter flew in.


WMAZ-TV (Macon) interviews Steve Scroggins
Our own videographer, Mike Bruce couldn't stand it and had to tape the interview, too.
A spirited discussion followed but the camera-woman just couldn't understand why we maintained

LEFT:  Ready to Roll.  More people arrive

RIGHT:  Bud and Joel discuss strategy.

(pictures by Steve Scroggins)



The Troops; Ready for action



LEFT:  Joel Coleman - On duty, waiting for the King Chicken.

RIGHT:  The Mechanized Cavalry doing it's job; Scouting the terrain, looking for a back way into the grounds of the Agcenter.  (Picture by Steve Scroggins)

Preparing for a strafing run.

We decided to carry the attack to them and turned all our vehicles into Mobile Flagging Vehicles (MFV's) and drove into the AgriCenter, right past the conference hall where Perdue's supporters were getting ready to leave.



LEFT:  Our strafing run through the parking lot.

RIGHT:  Getting ready to leave.  I was having starter problems and decided to pack it in while the bike was running.
Did Perdue arrange it so that sign was right behind me?

(Pictures by Steve Scroggins)

It was a good days Flagging and we got many a positive response from local motorists as they passed our lines honking and waving, but there were a few negative responses, as well.  The one I liked best was the man in the pickup truck who hollered "Get an American Flag".  Does this mean that the Real Georgia Flag isn't American?

A Perdue supporter stopped to question us about why we said Perdue lied.  After explaining several times about Perdue's Campaign promise and the bogus referendum, with him pulling the Chicken trick of saying it wasn't Perdue's fault the Legislature voted against him, he finally asked "You mean if Perdue had vetoed the Bill you wouldn't be so against him?".  I guess he finally got it.

I did not get the names of everyone present, but in attendance were myself (Bud Cranford), Lum Pettit, Steve Scroggins and his sons, Michelle & Terry Hamlin, Joel Coleman, Larry Mercer, Ralph Carson, Mike Bruce, Jimmy Woods, Bob & Gloria Watson, Ben Davis, Clinton Crawley, Steve and Jeffery Monk, Rusty Taylor, Harold Porter, Norman Black,  and several more.

There was one nagging question all day; Where was Russ???


 Steve Scroggins Report

 Steve Monk's Photos

 Macon Telegraph Story




Steve Monk's Report
Photos from the 2nd Annual Flagging of Sonny Perdue's Fish Fry

It was flags, fish and fun this past Saturday, 6th August as over twenty Georgia flaggers gathered outside the Georgia AgriCenter in Perry to flag the 2nd Annual Sonny Perdue Fish Fry. As Jimmy Wood passed out free fish and chicken, compatriots reveled in the sights and sounds of honking and waving motorists. Not a bad deal at all considering that Perdue's picnic goers dished out ten dollars per plate for their fish.

Bud Cranford opened up activities with a stafing run of the AgriCenter parking lot on his awesome Flaggin' Chopper. If that caught the eye of AgriCenter security personnel, then they were hardly prepared for the grand finale of the day -- a motorcade parade by all of the flaggers present of the AgriCenter parking lot. It was amusing watching their frantic calls on their radios for more backup as our loooong stream of vehicles entered the parking lot flying 1956 REAL Georgia flags and flashing signs that read "Sonny Lied," "Punt Perdue" and "Let Georgia Vote!" All of this just as Perdue's party goers were leaving the AgriCenter to get in their cars. We got more honks and waves here too.

Go take a look at my pictures of this fabulous event at Webshots...
Steve Monk's Photos

For Dixie,

Steve Monk
Sergeant at Arms
Eli P. Landers Camp 1724
Lilburn, Georgia


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