Perdue Flagging in Perry, GA.

August 7, 2004

Perdue Flagging #81


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Setting Up

Rodney Waller takes his position on the Southeast corner.

Steve Scroggins mans the Northeast corner.

Russ Huffman arrives on his Designer, Gucci Motorcycle.

Oops, sorry make that Guzzi as in MotoGuzzi.




Dan Rylee and his crew man the Northwest Corner.  In the center, on the median, is the WMAZ-TV (channel 13) reporter.

Dan and the Channel 13 (WMAZ-TV) truck.

Wasn't it nice of these Deputies and State Troopers to turn up to protect us?

Steve Scroggins & son on the NE corner.




Bud & Russ discuss strategy for mobile Flagging.

The crew on the SE corner.

Stanley Lott came all the way from South Carolina.

View from the SE corner, looking east.




Preparing, once again to spread out.

Kenneth Waters holds the "Sign of Shame".

Bud on the NE Corner.

Bud & Russ getting ready to make a strafing run on the Perdue Fish-Lie.
(Pictures by Steve Scroggins)




After riding through the Ag-Center grounds we go to check on Lijah Coleman, Rhett Coleman and Kenneth Waters at the I-75 overpass.
(Pictures by Steve Scroggins)
Rodney Waller displays his "Perdue Lied" sign to passing motorists.

The Camp # 1399 crew.  (l-r) Ralph Carson, Russ Huffman, ? Scroggins, Bud Cranford (rear), Steve Scroggins, Kenneth Gunn, (?) Scroggins.
I forgot the names of Steve's two sons.




On duty at the NE corner.

Steve Scroggins and his two sons.

Bud Cranford, Russ Huffman and Ralph Carson on the SW corner.   (Picture by Steve Scroggins)

More Police.  Seems like our fan club kept growing.



Ready to leave.

Despite the continuous breeze, after four hours in the August sun, we were ready to pack it in.  We'd already heard that Perdue had snuck out the back way, so he wouldn't have to face us.


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