Confederate Army
Marches on Atlanta

Legistraitors panic as the Army of the Confederacy marches on the Capitol.

Turncoats and scalawags hide in locked Offices.

Confederate's leaders tell Legislators "APRIL FOOL - IT AIN'T OVER TILL WE SAY IT'S OVER".



April 1, 2004


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Additional Report and Pictures can be found Here.
See the biased article at the Atlanta Urinal & Constipation

As usual the AJC slanted their reportage, dwelling on our reluctance to surrender our Colors and not even mentioning the numbers of Flag Supporters present.

An Army of over 400 strong marches toward the Kingdom of Atlanta.
It says something about their dedication that this many people would take off on a work day and drive hundreds of miles to march nearly a mile on a blustery spring day, with high winds, to show their support for their Southern Heritage.
Photo, courtesy of Kenneth Waters.



Gary Spottedwolf proves he meant what he said.  Here he is, supporting the Confederacy once again.
Getting ready to march.
Skip Earle getting warmed up for his speech.


Members of Camp #1399 and the Mechanized Cavalry join forces against the Politicians.


The largest Flag on the site.
Lining up for the march to the Capitol.

Some of the Mechanized Cavalry, acting as if they were Infantry.
Joe Walker - Charles Brewer - Kipp Pittman



On the Move

The Confederate Army advances on the Capitol.

20 to 25 mph winds made photography tough.  Especially while marching and holding an 8 foot pole, supporting a 3 X 5 Flag.





The Confederate hoard reaches the Capitol.

Are you watching, Sonny?


I'm not sure who this is, but doesn't he look like a caricature of a Politician?  I think this is Russ Huffman's new Hero.

This great painting of General Robert E. Lee still graces the wall of the Capitol.
There is also a painting of Martin Luther King Jr. which ironically or not is hung beside the painting of Roy Barnes.


(left) The South Staircase
(L. center) the north Staircase
(R. center) The Bust of James Oglethorpe, founder of Georgia
(right) Under the Gold Dome.



The Color Guard stands Ready.

Is it just me or does the 2nd picture look like Sitting Bull standing next to Custer? <shudder>
Gary Spotted Wolf (L) and Steve Monk (center) make an interesting contrast.



(left) GA. Commander, Jack Bridwell addresses the assembly.
Center) Spokesman Dan Coleman
Right) Wasn't there supposed to be some rule against flags larger than 18 inches?


Even with all the cheering, the crowd was spellbound by the oratory of the speakers.  Perhaps they were "Preaching to the Choir" but the Choir was ready to listen.


(left)  Skip Earle (Tennessee Commander)  and GA. Commander, Jack Bridwell
(right) Jack Bridwell and CIC Ron Wilson

Chaplain John Weaver was the last speaker.  I don't think anyone had the nerve to try to follow his brilliant oratory.


(left) Kenneth Waters who took the well known picture of the Army marching on the Capitol.

(right) Janet - Mike Hanners - Elijah Coleman


Though we had permission to enter with our Flags, the Capitol Regime decided at the last minute that we couldn't enter with them.  We were made to furl our Banners and leave them by the door, then were subjected to a search before being allowed access to our Capitol.

Compatriot Sam Lyons was escorted out of the chamber by the Capitol Gestapo, for the "Crime" of having a flag larger than the accepted "official" size.
(Photo by Scott Young)



          April 1st dawned cool and breezy in Hellanta and the troops were already starting to arrive. Around 10:45 the Georgia Division Executive Officer Col. Dan "The Man" Coleman gave the order to fall-in. There were many troops from all corners of the Confederation such as Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida and a small family of Copperheads from Southern Illinois led by the great half-breed Indian warrior T-bone Warren. There were forces there such as Gen. Elijah "Stonewall" Coleman's Nocturnal Assault Force, Gen. Tim "Bullhorn" Pilgrim's Political Assassination Unit, Gen. Jeff "Lil' Napoleon" Davis' Gold Dome Guards. Also on hand were smaller elite units such as Col. Jim "Jivin' Jimbo" Dean's Confederate Propaganda Corps, Col. Mike "Elect Mike" Crane's Red Clay Cowboys and Col. Bud "Scooter" Cranford's Hardcore Mechanized Cavalry. There was also an assortment of loose cannons, hair triggers, bounty hunters, liars, cheaters, thieves and drunkards that follow every military unit around. All of these were under the command of Gen. Jack "Ol' Jack" Bridwell and the Georgia Brigade. Up on the rise could be seen the likes of the Commander of all Allied Confederate Forces Gen. Ron "Fire eater" Wilson and his 2nd in Command Gen. Denne "Red Irish" Sweeney who were conferring with their War Council which included the leaders of the Tennessee and Kentucky Divisions. All knew this would be a great day for the Confederate Forces on hand.

 The assault began around 11:15 with a flanking maneuver in column of fours with the color guard leading the march over the hill and into the heart of Hellanta. The Capitol building was front and center and it expected that we would take some potshots from hidden snipers on the way in. Thankfully those who were hit only suffered minor wounds and the enemy pickets quickly retreated from the superior Confederate forces that were attacking in seemingly endless waves. The frontal attack suffered a momentary setback when those in the front ranks tried to make a surprise attack on the right flank of the Scalawag defenders and were temporarily repulsed. After regrouping a complete frontal assault was made on the buildings entrance which was met with some very stiff opposition by the Blue Coat Rangers under Scalawag Gen. Sonny "Liar" Perdue. Some of those in the assault were taken completely off guard by the stiff resistance which caused some to temporarily loose their colors but order was quickly restored by Gen. "Ol' Jack" Bridwell. An all out assault was made on the South Rotunda which succeeded in the complete surrender of the Capitol by what was left of Perdue's Political Bipartisan Rangers. Many of the enemy could be seen fleeing the building while others who were obviously severely wounded simply crawled off to die. Some of Col. "Scooter" Cranford's Hardcore Mechanized Cavalry requested special permission to pursue Scalawag Capt. Tyrone "Puff daddy" Brooks and his Metro Black Posse but Gen. Bridwell refused and told them to just save it for another day. Many in the Cav were obviously upset by the setback as they already had their rope at the ready.

     After the building was finally secured and order restored the victorious Allied Confederate Forces were treated to rousing speeches by their leaders and then all joined in the singing of the old favorite "The Bonnie Blue Flag" and the Southern National Anthem "Dixie". After the celebration was over the order was passed down to vacate the building and return power to the Scalawag Government as is typical of today. At least for a few hours on that cool April morning the People's House of Georgia belonged to the People once again. May God bless and keep all those who were in attendance for the assault and may we all live to fight future battles with the lessons and new strategies we learned that day. DEO VINDICE!


Sam Lyons, Commander
#2022 "Seaboard Guards"


Sam Lyons, Commander
Capt. James Knox SCV Camp #2022
Co. "D" 26th GVI "Seaboard Guards"
Waynesville, Brantley Co., GA
"Coastal Flaggers"



Sam, Thanks for the great report.  I'll add it to my webpage this evening.

Just a note in the interest of accuracy.  The Mechanized Cavalry is under the leadership of Major Reuben Hamby of Maryland, and our Georgia Division is led by Acting Commander Jessie Pinson.

I am just the lowly Adjutant (which is simply a glorified Secretary.) 

We have 348 members worldwide and our only Rule is that you must be a member in good standing of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

But I do appreciate your attempt to promote me from a Lieutenant to a Colonel.

Bud Cranford
Battalion Adjutant - SCV-Mechanized Cavalry
Moderator for Yahoo SCV-MC and SCV Camp #1399 e-Group



Even with the biased reporting by the AJC and the intended harassment by the Capitol Gestapo, this flag rally was a definitive success.
There is no way our Legislators could have missed our presence or underestimated our numbers.  They are well aware that for every person present there were a hundred or more who would have liked to have been there.

A letter from Georgia Division Commander, Jack Bridwell


Thanks to all who attended the Heritage Rally at the Capitol, our numbers (no matter what the media says) were over 400 individuals, which is great for a Thursday when most people have to work. Special thanks to Dan Coleman, Tim Pilgrim and all who went the extra mile setting this event up.

For those of you who didn't make it, the capitol police began to change the rules as the day progressed. First we were told to remove our banners, then told to remove the various "punt" and "boot" signs, then they told us we couldn't bring flags on poles inside the state capitol we pay tax dollars to operate. Next, any flag over 12"x18" had to go (keep in mind we were originally told we could bring flags). Each one was searched as we came in, x-rayed our bags, and physically hand scanned many. It was obvious they didn't want us there, but the inspiring speeches and wonderful singing of Compatriot Jerry Wingate kept our spirits high.

Our speakers included CIC Ron Wilson, LT CIC Denne Sweeney, Tennessee Commander Skip Earl, Candidate for AOT Commander Don Shelton, ANV Commander Chris Sullivan and of course Chaplain-in-Chief John Weaver. The line up of speakers alone made the trip worth it.

I spoke with Senators and Representatives and a couple of individuals who work in the Capitol. They said the numbers "got the attention" of everyone there. They weren't expecting the shear number of people in attendance, they were "impressed" according to one aid...

To paraphrase an old saying, "We did good". They will go home at the end of the session with the sound of Dixie in their ears...and the sight of hundreds of real Georgia Flags coming down the street toward the Capitol.....

Again, thanks to all who were in attendance, they know we were there and they are afraid we will return. We're a good reminder of how far they've turned their backs on their own heritage.

Jack Bridwell



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