This page was created to show some of the varied interests of its publisher, Bud Cranford.


As with most Home Pages, all pages are constantly under construction.  Hope you find something here that you enjoy.


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Genealogy Pages

Genealogy Pages:               Click Here
A history of the ancestors of Bud Cranford, from the Original Thirteen Colonies to the present, including some early Cranford Wills.
Twiggs County Census Pages:          1830 to 1860

                                                             1870 to 1880
Two separate links to the Cranfords in Twiggs County from the years 1830 through 1880


Motorcycle Pages

Bike Week 2001 Page          Click Here
Some of the pictures I took at this famous Daytona Beach Event.

Biketoberfest  2001              Click Here
The Sister Festival to the Famous Bike Week.  Usually a little older crowd

Buds Harley                         Click Here
Some Pictures of my latest Harley

Bike Week 2002                   Click Here 

Biketoberfest  2002              Click Here


Magic Pages

Buds Magic:                           Click Here
A brief pictorial tour of Bud’s career in the art of Stage Magic.   Now featuring TWO online Magical Effects!!

Buds Dance Career:              Click Here
A quick view of the World of Western Competition Dancing


Southern Stuff

Confederate Page                
An Overview of events leading to the War of Secession      Expanded with several NEW sections including the US Constitution and the Confederate Constitution . . . and More


Some Personal Information

Personal Information               Click Here
Some Personal Information on what I like to do, my interests, and where I live.
Several Images, so this page is a little slow loading.


Interesting Links

Junk Java Scripts                     Click Here
Some interesting Java Scripts I have found


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