Moosen' Around at
The Georgia National Fair
October 16, 2010
On Saturday, October 16, 2010, the Moosen' Around Country Dancers returned to the Georgia National Fair, in Perry, GA., for their annual performance.
This group has performed at this fair continuously since 1998.
This year they outdid themselves with an unbelievably successful performance. Even I, as their Leader, caught less than five mistakes in the 28 minute routine consisting of seventeen separate dances.
Thank you, to the dancers for an exceptional performance. You made me proud to be your instructor and coach.
"Honky Tonk Badonkadonk"

choreographed by "Hot" Pepper Sepulvado
choreographed by Lydia Stephenson
    Hey, Bud!
You're facing the wrong way.

Is He stalking those girls?
"Midnight Waltz"
choreographed by Jo Thompson
Bud & Connie Cranford performing as "partners".
"D.H.S.S." (Delicious, Hot, Strong, Sweet)
choreographed by Gaye Teather
"Dancin' in the Dark"
choreographed by Jo Thompson
"Cowboy Rhythm"
choreographed by Jo Thompson
"Live To Ride"
choreographed by Bud Cranford
"Zydeco Lady"
choreographed by Chris Hookie
Bud Cranford & Ebbon Stanley performing as "partners".
Our new cameraman did his job too well.
I loaned J.W. Coker one of my cameras and he took so many good pictures, I was unable to decide which were the best. I liked almost all of them.
For that reason, the Georgia National Fair site will be divided into two pages; This portion and a second page showing the Medley and our closing routine.
Click here for page two.


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