November 15, 2008


In an attempt to boost participation within the Lodge, the Western Dance Committee decided to hire a band
and host a dance, for all Lodge Members

While not a rousing success, partially due to a scheduling conflict with a Moose Legion Celebration at the Vidalia/Lyons Lodge,
there was enough support from Lodge members that we made a modest profit
At least we didn't lose money on this venture

For those who didn't attend, you missed some wonderful music
The group formerly known as "Two Lucky" has added Keith Munn, a saxophone player who also sings

"The Tickets" have a great sound and I'm looking forward to hearing them again when their
Keyboard player, Chris Anderson, can be with them.



The Tickets


(left) Bill Douglas & Scott Snider

(right) Keith Munn

"Three Lucky"?
Nope. It's "The Tickets"


The winner of the "Moose Throw" Raffle was Chad Womble


I want to thank Spizzy, Glenda, Trish, Connie and Pam (not necessarily in that order)
and the rest of the Western Dance Committee, for their help and support in making this event a success



Information about this wonderful organization can be obtained at
 Warner Robins Moose Lodge, #1688.

Warner Robins Moose Lodge 1688
400 Carl Vinson Parkway
Warner Robins, GA 31099


A Moose Family Center


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