The Western Dance Club was founded in May of 1997, when it became an official satellite club at the Warner Robins Moose Lodge #1688.

The original purpose of the Dance Club was to promote Country-Western dancing within the Lodge and encourage members to take better advantage of the Lodges' facilities, by offering weekly Dance lessons.  These lessons have continued but the Club has grown in it's scope.  By the end of '97 some of the members wished to create an exhibition team to do shows in the community to entertain the residents of healthcare facilities and promote recognition of the Moose Fraternity.

The Western Dance Club is still one of the leaders in supporting Lodge activities and have supported all of the many Lodge events and functions, including the Fundraiser for the new Lodge roof, by being the first Satellite Club to provide a donation to this fund.  Their Exhibition Team, the "Moose'n Around Country Dancers" is one of the most active in the Lodge at raising  Community Service Credits.



Lodge Dance
Womanless Beauty Pageant
2nd Lodge Dance


The “Moose'n Around Country Dancers” are based at the Warner Robins Ga. Moose Lodge #1688.  This group of dancers has performed at many prestigious events in the Middle Georgia area including Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival, The Georgia State Fair, the Georgia National Fair, and Andersonville's Historic Arts and Crafts Festival.  Between the larger events, the group stays in practice by donating their services to Nursing Homes and related healthcare facilities.

The group has been together since 1997 under the tutelage of Bud Cranford.  Bud began training the group shortly before he retired from Competition Judging.  Previous to this he was a Certified Judge for the Country Western Line Dance Association where he spent six years touring the Country teaching Workshops and Judging Line Dance Competitions including five International Grand Championships.

The Moose'n Around Country Dancers are a non-profit group who perform for free at almost any event to which they are invited.  Their “Fee” is the joy of performing and the appreciation of the spectators.  They earn Community Service credits for their Moose Lodge with each and every performance.

Their show includes many of the “Old” favorite Line Dances in a variety of styles ranging from the upbeat, livelier dances to the slower, beautiful rhythms of the Waltz and the Cha-Cha.



At the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia


In addition to donating our performances to various charities, we also work within our Lodge to make improvements and to make the facilities more enjoyable.  Click Here to see some of our improvements


The Moose'n Around Country Dancers schedule includes a yearly Marathon weekend.  We traveled a total of 736 Miles in Three days to perform four shows at The Georgia National Fair, Andersonville Arts & Crafts Festival and Gay, Georgia's Cotton Picking Fair.




On September 30, 2009 the "Americus Times-Recorder" published a supplement dealing with the upcoming Andersonville Arts & Crafts Fair.
On Page 5, the "Moose'n Around Dancers"were given a quarter page picture.
Though the picture used was taken at the Georgia National Fair, it was very nice of them to give us the publicity.

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Andersonville - 04 October, 2009


After the show, at the Georgia National Fair
Perry, Georgia, October, 2009
Left to Right are: Connie Cranford - Trish Moore - Ebbon Stanley - Fran Hanson - Spizzy Pike - Pat Quinn
Bud Cranford (front)

At Macon GA's "Cherry Blossom Festival", 27 March, 2010


Byron GA's "Battle of Byron" - 01 May, 2010


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See pictures from Lodge 1688's Womanless Beauty Pageant
January 19, 2008


Information about this wonderful organization can be obtained at
 Warner Robins Moose Lodge, #1688.

Warner Robins Moose Lodge 1688
400 Carl Vinson Parkway
Warner Robins, GA 31099


A Moose Family Center


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