Building the New Dance Floor

All Pictures are Thumb nailed.  Click on the image to see the larger picture


The first step was framing for the sub floor


Scott Breland advises Michael Aumann

Vernon Pike asks "Where's the Air-Conditioning?"


This is the way Carey said to do it


Everyone helped put the top layer on the sub floor.  Even the Women.



Teddy and Richard square up the Center

Michael says "Here's how you do it."


Charlie and Vernon do what they do best.


Starting the Centerpiece

Laying the boards

The pattern begins



The Centerpiece is Complete

Our NEW Cleaning Lady

Beginning the outer rim



Thanks, to the Western Dance Club for their support and assistance.

Michael & Deanna Aumann Bud & Connie Cranford
Charlie & Trish Moore Vernon & Spizzy Pike

Carey & Pat Quinn


And a Very special "Thank You" to those who volunteered their services.

Scott Breland
Teddy Miller
Richard Jordon
Ronnie Owen




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