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Several folks around the Country have asked me to include a page with more personal information, so they would feel that they knew me better.  This is that page.


I've been around since late 1947 so I've had plenty of interesting experiences to build on.  My primary trade is Aircraft Sheet Metal Mechanic which has allowed me to earn a living most of my life, but I have left that field several times pursuing that elusive dream of fame and fortune.  These diversions include Technical School Instructor for Aircraft Structural Technology and Radio/T.V. Repair, Magician, Radio/T.V. Repairman, Western Dance Instructor/Competition Judge (I owned my own Dance Studio for three years) and Night Club Owner (Confederate Cowboy's in Warner Robins, Georgia.)

My interests include Magic, Dancing and Confederate History (I especially enjoy delving into the Socio-Political causes of the "War of Secession"), Genealogy, Computers, where my primary interests are audio, video, and graphic editing, (I love to mix and match pictures to create unusual images such as my face on a body-builders torso, etc.  I also edit and burn to CD my dance team's show music.)

I am also very involved in the Moose Lodge, having held several Offices including Treasurer, Junior Governor, Governor, District Four President, Assistant-Secretary for Moose Legion Coastal Plains #128, 25 Club President and Western Dance Club President.  I was also on the Lodge Ritual Team and served for four years as Ritual Team Captain.  Right now, if I'm not at Warner Robins Moose Lodge #1688 I'm probably at home doing something on the computer.

Speaking of Home, Here are a couple of images of my house.  

(To make the page load faster I have Thumb nailed the pictures.  To view the full sized images, click on the picture.  Use your "Back" button to return to the page.)
This shows the front view.
Here's the side view showing the Porch



I'm Kinda' proud of this place since it sits on slightly less than two acres of land with 225 feet of lake frontage of a twenty-five acre lake.  I've been here since 1995 and you couldn't pay me to move back to the city.
Looking Out My Back Door Just outside the sliding glass doors
View from the back porch, Shot from the top of the steps (above)

Interior Pictures
Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Main Bath Hallway to Bedrooms Guest Bedroom 1 Guest Bedroom 2 Master Bedroom Master Bath Junky Office Hallway

  Click HERE to see my new Barn
  Click Here to see a video of my property and house  

For several years I was interested in theatrical make-up and pyrotechnics.  Here are some examples of my make-up work.
Me and Ms. Connie Cranwolf
My "Punk" look  



I created all the make-up and appliances in these pictures.  Mostly household stuff except the liquid latex used to hold it on.  Would you believe that the hair on the werewolves was macrame cord, un-woven and brushed.  The bald head was achieved by coating my hair with a paste made of water and Ivory Snow laundry detergent, then covering it with flesh colored make-up.  I had really clean hair when I washed that out.

Speaking of Connie, here's a picture of her.

Actually I created that one using Adobe Photoshop.  It's a Body-builders torso with Connie's head pasted on it.  I'm glad she doesn't look like that.  Then She could beat me up.

Here she is when she saw this picture on the computer.

If you look closely, you can see me in the mirror, laughing at her.

Things get so hectic at the Moose Lodge, I sometimes wish there were more than one of me.

I'm not in that picture because I was the one holding the camera.

For those that like such things, Here's a picture of me at 3 months.  Wasn't I cute??????

Guess that's enough for now.  I'll be adding to this page occasionally so visit it often to see the additions.

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