To all those who never saw it, these are all of the existing Pictures of My old 1950 Panhead, Chopper

These were taken shortly after I got the Bike, in 1968
It cost me a whopping $250.00
Things sure have changed.  It would sell for about $8000.00 today


Probably the best picture of it
Sitting on it is my first Ex-Wife, Linda.  No, she couldn't really ride it.


After some customizing and chopping
(About 1974)

Unfortunately this is the last picture of my Chopper.  It was further customized but no pictures have survived the years or my ex-wives.

In 1979 I installed a raked frame and 15" over-stock, chrome, twisted girder forks and also did a complete overhaul and repainted completely.

I was waiting for the generator to return from being re-built and had the bike chained to the bumper of my van with a heavy duty tow chain and a massive lock.

I guess the chain defeated the thieves, so they stole the bumper off the van, too.



The Worlds youngest Biker.
my son Steve at about 1-1/2 years


Me at age 21
The Rebel Without a Clue???



At about the same time at Central City Park in Macon GA.


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