The Last Will and Testament of

William Cranford

4 October, 1743






In the Name of God, Amen

            I William Cranford of the County of Onslow in the province of North Carolina, being aged and very crasy in body, but of sound and perfect memory, Thanks to Almighty God for the same and calling to mind the mortality of Man and that it is appointed for all men once to die I do make, consecrate and ordain this to be my last will and Testament in manner and form following

My soul I recommend into the hands of Almighty God that gave it, hoping through the merits and mediation of my Blessed Redeemer to receiveth joyful resurrection at the last day. My body, I commend to the earth from whence it was taken, to be buried in such Christian like manner as to my executors herein named shall seem meet, and as touching such worldly estate as it has pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me in this transitory world, I dispose of the same in manner and form following.

To my eldest Son James Cranford I give that Plantation whereon he now lives with One Hundred and Twenty Five Acres of land to be the same or more or less beginning at a pine the corner tree growing near the head of Glovers Creek, then running the course of the Patent to a red Oak in the piney woods, then along the head line to a Pine tree by a row of marked trees, to a Black Gum standing in the head of Glovers Branch, then down the Branch to the marsh, then along the marsh to the first Station which land I give to him, his heirs and assignees forever with all what he hath now in his own possession and ten Pounds current Money to be paid to him by my Executors And he having what I allot for him I desire he should have no more of my movable Estate but the ten pounds current money. (“and all my wearing[?]  cloaths “ is added between these lines)

To my son, John Cranford I give the Plantation whereon I now live with all the remaining part of the land, included in the patent containing by estimation One Hundred and Seventy Five acres, be it more or less, which I give to him, his heirs and assignees forever and the bed whereon he generally lies with the bedstead and all the covering belonging to the same, and my horse.

To my Son-in-Law, Phillip Finsinger I give the bed where I now lie with the bedstead and all the covering belonging to the same, after the death of my loving wife, Katherine Cranford.

I desire my dear and loving Wife, Katherine Cranford, should keep my whole movable Estate in her possession during her natural life with the full power to sell and dispose of the same for her maintenance and if anything be remaining at her decease, I desire it should be equally divided between my sons, John Cranford and my Son-In-Law Philip Finsinger and I not being much in debt, I desire what small matter I have should not be appraised or sold at Public (???) but that my loving wife should keep all in her own possessions as above mentioned as if it were properly her own, during her natural life.

Lastly, I consecrate, appoint and Ordain, my loving wife Katherine Cranford, and my Son-In-Law Philip Finsinger to be the executors of this my last will and Testament, utterly revoking and making void all former wills and Wills made by me formerly made, ratifying and confirming that this and no other be my Last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this fourth day of October, in the year of our Lord Christ, One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty Three.


Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by the above named William Cranford to be his Last Will and Testament in the presents of us three witnesses hereunto subscribing this 4 day of October Anno Domini 1743

Thos. Roberts

Richd Melten

Robert Melten


                                                             Onslow County Apr. Court began and held for said County, at Johnston

                                                             on the River on the first Tuesday in April, Anno Domini 1745, the

                                                             above Will was proved by the Oath of Thom Roberts, ordered
                                                                                Philip Finsinger
                                                             Katherine Cranford ^ hear Will & Testament.


                                                                                                                         Andr Murray





This will was transcribed by myself.  I will take full responsibility for any errors.
Many thanks to Don Cranford for the photocopy of the original.


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