Rebecca Mills Cranford



This line converges with mine through John Cranford of Duplin County, North Carolina.  Rebecca married John Cranford to become my G,G,G,Grandmother.

Thank you, to Phil Mills of North Carolina for this information.
It always good to find a new "Cousin"



John Cranford    -    Rebecca Mills Cranford


                    James Mills  -  Rebecca Hicks

                            |                                    |

William Mills    -    Anna Gerster        Thomas Hicks    -    Thankful Weeks

                                           |                                                                 |

                         Heini Gerster    -    Anna Weiss            Benjamin Weeks    -    Mary Chase


Rebecca, wife of John Cranford was Rebecca Mills, daughter of James Mills born about 1740 in north-western Onslow County, North Carolina.

James father was William Mills. The earliest record was in 1732, on detail to lay out a road.  This was first record of Onslow County, as it was established in 1732.

William's wife was Anna Gerster who came from Switzerland in 1736 to New Bern, N.C. with her father and mother Heini Gerster and Anna Weiss.

Rebecca Mills Cranford was named after her mother Rebecca Hicks Mills.

Rebecca Hicks father was Thomas Hicks born in Mass. and moved to Carteret County N.C. and onto Duplin County just across the Onslow County line from James Mills home place.

Rebecca's mother was Thankful Weeks from Falmouth Mass.

Thankful's father and mother were Benjamin Weeks and Mary Chase.
Mary Chase parents were from Martha's Vinyard, Mass.
Benjamin and Mary moved Carteret Co N.C.

James Mills and Rebecca Hicks were married about 1755 and lived in Duplin County , where the settlement statement of Thomas Hicks will was settled in the January term, 1793. The settlement statement named the eight children of James Mills.

Thomas Hicks died in after April 16th 1775, and this does not name the last six grandchildren.
James and Rebecca had 14 children, (the first eight);
                Hicks Mills m. Elizabeth?,
                Thankful m. Temple Tullos,
                Anna m. Willoughby Tullos,
                Leonard m. Catherine Hutchinson,
                Bowler m. John Merchant,
                Rebecca m. JOHN CRANFORD,
                Serena m. John Evers,
                Betty m. ?
The above were named in Thomas Hicks settlement statement in 1793.  The last six children were;
                Sarah m. John Hutchinson brother of Catherine above,
                Mary died young,
                James m. Nany (Nancy?) Chasten,
                Shadrack m. Sarah Lanier (his 1st cousin),
                Frederick m. Martha Dykes Garrison,
                Dorthy m. ?.

I (Phil Mills) live on the Leonard Mills Plantation in what was old New Hanover County, in 1875.   Pender County was cut out of New Hanover. The plantation's northern border is Doctors Creek, which is also the Duplin County line.

Leonard Mills and Catherine moved here in 1801 on 1450 acres and most of it is owned by their descendant at this time, about 10 miles east of the plantation, Doctors Creek, which becomes Rockfish Creek flows into the north-east Cape Fear river.

James Mills was living on the south side of Rockfish Creek and west side of north-east Cape Fear river when he died in 1795.

James Mills will was probated in 1795 BUT not registered until 1845, in New Hanover County N.C.


The above information was set to me in an email from Phil Mills of North Carolina and is an excerpt of his family lineage where it pertains to my Cranford line.  The original information has been reformatted for legibility, but the meaning and the lineage have not been altered.



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