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Magic is a form of art as surely as ballet, opera and the theater itself Since man's imagination first sparked on the world around him, magic has maintained a hallowed spot in his mind's eye. Metaphysics and parapsychology have intrigued and mystified the masses throughout history. Today we see a revival of interest in the veiled world of the occult from terrifying as well as entertaining and even amusing angles. The world of stage magic can be all these things; provoke all these senses almost simultaneously. The amazed eyes and open-mouthed astonishment of audiences from 6 to 60 have been the magician's catalyst from the beginning. But audiences have grown more sophisticated, more perceptive, less gullible than their predecessors. Thus, the birth of a new breed of Sorcerer/Entertainer with the ability to confuse the intellect, bring humor to the young and entertain the skeptics. Avatar is such an entertainer; a master of the impossible.

Entering with a humorous review of well known "tricks," all with a hilarious twist, Avatar rapidly progresses to mind boggling feats of demanding dexterity. Even ordinary coins, matches and table objects can become translucent, fluid, mini-miracles in his skilled hands. Coins are perceived to move from point to point and vanish entirely, even passing through solid table tops on occasion by the powers of telekinesis.

After a period of such light mirth and outright entertainment, the stage is set for the more serious business of concentrated mental power and a demonstration of the true forces available to man's mind. In an air as eerie as any man can witness and survive, Avatar then proves his mastery of these forces. These forces are broken into three distinct forms:

1. The power of the mind over one's own body. This is demonstrated by Avatar's ability to run large, singeing flames over his arms and face, and spew forth great billows of flame at will, impervious to pain.

Hmmm, That looks HOT!!!!   Need a Close-up of that????

See Avatar become impervious to blistering flame.

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2.  The power of the mind over an inanimate object.  Avatar breathes the breath of life into a silvery sphere causing it to gain motion and obey commands to rise, rotate and achieve free flight.


See Avatar control the supernatural "Zombie".

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3. The power of the mind over the mind of another: An assistant is placed under Avatar's hypnotic gaze and released from all her earthly fears and limitations. Three large metal sabers are placed upright on center stage and the powerless woman is lifted and laid across their points. She is suspended on the points in mid-air. Just as the audience starts to recover from this impossible reality, Avatar steps forward and removes two of the sabers. The girl remains suspended on the point of the one remaining blade. Then she is rotated 360 degrees so every member of the viewing audience can see her from all angles. Avatar replaces the blades, removes the girl, and brings her out of her trance unharmed.

See Avatar suspend  his assistant in mid air, through his hypnotic powers.


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Sorry, but this is the only film I have of this illusion.
It was filmed at a benefit for the local Moose Lodge, so there are no backdrops or curtains
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Similar performances have been staged by Avatar for such notable personages as the Florida Association of Magicians, Bonnie Bramlett, members of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band, 38 Special, Montrose, The Marshall Tucker Band, Iron Butterfly, and various other recording artists.

Avatar has appeared locally as a billed act at the Grand Opera House before a standing room only crowd in April 1978, and has staged shows for the Macon Mall Merchants' Association and Macon's Hilton Hotel. He has also performed as a featured act for the Jackie Awards in July 1978, receiving a standing ovation from the crowded Warner Robins Civic Center. He has appeared before his cohorts in magic at the Southeastern Association of Magicians' convention and has been a guest on Warner Robins Air Force Base. Two of Avatar's fondest memories are of his work with Warner Robins Little Theatre where he was technical advisor for the magical sequences in their presentation of Woody Allen's "Don't Drink the Water," and his performance as the opening act for recording artists, "Grinderswitch".

Avatar has also appeared in the following Georgia cities: Brunswick, Americus, Dublin, Perry, Sandersville, Wrightsville, and Atlanta.

Avatar's involvement in stage magic began over Thirty years ago. In those days he was billed as an escape artist, amazing audiences with handcuff challenge escapes and other feats of skill. On occasion, the Houdini strait-jacket escape is still included in the stage appearances. The escape involves a regulation strait jacket and requires the self hypnotic dislocation of one shoulder. It involves some personal risk and is thus held to a limited number of engagements.


1976 2001


See Avatar escape from a Strait-Jacket onstage

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From mini miracles less than three feet away to large illusions and devastating feats of mental power, the world of magic is just behind the curtain. Open the curtain, start the music, sit back and enjoy the world of Avatar, sorcerer deluxe.

Written by Mike Randall (RIP)
Adapted for the internet and updated by Bud Cranford

The World's Greatest Magician
And Friend, David Copperfield.
David Copperfield Bud Cranford David Cranford Connie Cranford
aka: Avatar


Abb Dickson 
Bob Carver
Three of the biggest men in Magic


In 1969 I met Robert L. (Bob) Carver for the first time.  He came to my house as the guest of a friend.  This was the first time I had actually met a magician in a social setting.  By the time he left, I was hooked.  I had to learn magic.

Bob took me as an apprentice and offered much valuable advice.  I can truthfully say that Bob taught me seventy-five percent of what I know about performing.

His death in 1987 was a blow to ALL performing magicians in the Southeast. 

My Mentor Bob Carver with his creation "Professors Nightmare"

 Practicing at home

"What do you mean, That's not where the Needle goes?"

NOTE:  Though I have never before admitted this in print, the emergence of self named icons on computer sites and now the movie, directed by James Cameron, force me to mention where I obtained the name "AVATAR".

In 1977 Ralph Bakshi released the animated movie "Wizards" in which two brother wizards were at war. The evil brother was named "Black Wolf" while his good twin and opponent was named "Avatar".
Since my best friend and Manager had long been nicknamed Black Wolf, it was only natural for me to assume his brother's name, AVATAR.

This is the true story of how I assumed the stage name of Avatar. I have performed under this name since 1977, long before home computers were dreamed of.
Also, I refuse to retire the stage name I have worked under for 30 plus years, just because it has become a common term for a computer generated character.
I had this name first. Let them change their terminology.


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