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On January 21, 2006, Avatar once again came out of retirement to perform for his favorite charitable organization, the Warner Robins Moose Lodge.
The Women of the Moose had asked him to be the featured entertainer at a Dinner-Theatre they were hosting to raise funds to benefit the "Child City - Mooseheart" and "Moosehaven" - the retirement Center for senior members. 
Aware of the good works done by the Loyal Order of Moose, Avatar could not refuse this wonderful charity.
Here are some scenes from Avatar's latest performance.



A breathless audience awaits the miracles of Avatar
The Classic, "Professor's Nightmare"
Ebbon Stanley "Cuts Up" with the Cut and Restored Rope
Avatar performs his version of the Classic "Hoo-Doo Voodoo"
Notice the extremely large needle
It appears these ladies (Peggy Zurowski and Gloria Day) don't care for this part of the performance Nancy Parsons removes the needle at Avatar's request.
(You should have heard Her when he screamed)
Patty Conley assists with the 20th Century Bra

"What do you mean, I do the Magic?"

"Eeeeekkkkkk!   I didn't expect THAT!"
"Mislead", or the Pencil through a dollar bill. 
Notice the last picture where you can visibly see the pencil passing through the bill. 
Of course the bill was unharmed.
The Audience was "All Eyes", not believing what they were seeing
Gloria Day assists in "Sawing in Half"
Notice the saw blade extends nearly to the bottom of the frame
The saw passes (harmlessly, I hope) through Gloria's body.
Chris Conley gets revenge on Avatar for removing his wife's bra.  He gets to put Avatar in the Strait Jacket. Avatar begins the arduous process of extricating himself from the strait jacket.  Even 10 years after his retirement, Avatar is still agile enough to dislocate one shoulder and escape
A seldom seen back view of this restraint.


At this point the photographer ran out of film.  That is hard to do with a digital camera, but Mark managed it.
Actually, the camera was borrowed and the picture size was much larger than usual so the card was filled sooner than expected.





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