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The Webmaster at Biketoberfest


Welcome to Daytona's Biketoberfest 2001

I didn't get as many pictures as I did for Bike Week for one reason.  I was too busy riding to take pictures.

For those who love bikes, this is the place to be.  Four days of fun filled biking.

Here's some pictures of the bikes.



A couple of shots of the New Indian Motorcycle   


Scenes from New Smyrna Beach

Pub 44 in the background  -  And the Harley Davidson Dealer



3 good looking bikes parked side by side on Main Street.




Hey!!!!  Where'd the Sharks teeth go?

Actually, this isn't my bike.  It just looks very similar.


And here's the Rat King

Notice the 1st Place trophy for the "Rattiest bike


Places to See


Hmmm, that first Gator looks kinda Mean!!!!!



Two of the most Famous hangouts in Daytona Beach

Dirty Harry's on the left  -  and Boot Hill on the right.



Click Here to see some of the people at Biketoberfest


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