March 2 through March 11, 2001 saw tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts gathered together in Daytona, Florida for the 60th Annual Bike Week Celebration.

Here are some of the Pictures I took while on my very first expedition to this legendary, week long Party.

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Your webmaster in Daytona



The Chief guards the Harley.  -  While the WolfMan enjoys the day


The Bikes


                                                     For Sale               Nice Paint Job           A New Valkeyrie

     Only $25,000.00                                                                     


A clean, restored Vintage Indian (Left)    -    A new Indian (center 2 pictures)    -    And some Confederate Tank Art. (Right)

I particularly Liked this "Trike".  Probably for the 15" over-stock, twisted girder Forks.  The same as I had on my old Chopper.

The Shops


Bikes were even inside the Stores.  The Hand-Carved Harley (Left) was priced at only $850.00.

The Panhead (Right) was not for sale.


The Restaurants & Bars


                Froggy's (on Main St.)    Froggy's Mascot    The Rusty Wallace Cafe    A Florida Gator


Even the Women had their own Harley.



If you can't figure out what is following your Mouse, check out the background on Main Street (below).

It's the infamous "Squirrelly Rider"

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