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Two of the best tools I have found for editing Music are  Dart Pro 98 and Cool Edit Pro.  The problem is, both of these Programs are downloaded as shareware and come with a price tag.

Either Program will work satisfactorily but personally I prefer Cool Edit Pro.  It provides for extensive Audio editing, including Multi track recording and editing.  With the proper Plug-ins It will also edit MP3's in their natural state without first converting them to Wav files.

Another great Plug-in is Click-Fix 2000.  This is especially useful if you are ripping music from cassette or Vinyl.  "Rip from Cassette or Vinyl???", you are asking.  This is possible through the use of The other program I mentioned, Dart Pro 98 or the less Expensive Dart CD Recorder.

Let's take a look at Cool Edit Pro, first.


This is Cool Edit with an Audio file loaded.  You can actually see the waveform of the Audio.  The main features you will use, at first are the transform features  (see the list at the upper left?).  You may want to adjust the amplitude, which controls the Audio Level, and the Noise reduction to get clicks and hisses out of the Audio.



Dart CD Recorder is a Very useful Program if you want to save and clean up those old Vinyl LP's you never play anymore.  Just click on the black record, check your levels and record the tracks to your hard drive.  But you'll need some special wiring.

Equipment needed is just a "Y" adapter that will convert your output channels from your stereo into a Stereo Mini plug that will plug in to your aux input on the back of your computer.  If your computer doesn't have Aux input, the Mic plug will work just fine.



Explaining the intricacies of Audio editing is a subject in itself and beyond the scope of these pages, so we'll move on to Encoding and decoding  MP3's and Wav's.





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