September 25, 2010



  The Eddie James Gang Band  
In their usual way Eddie and the guys kept the crowd rockin' through the afternoon
Terry in his "Gunfighter" pose
Now, Those are some long Pipes.
This could be a very interesting ride.
Mother and Daughter
Julia and Katherine
Mom's Can-Am Spyder
      Just watching these two cute Beer-tenders made me thirsty
David finally found a bike he could handle
      Steve and Evon of Dixie Bikefest tour the park.
This leather clad darlin' caught me taking her picture from a distance, so I had to show her how it looked.
Wonder if she knew it would be on the website?
A mini Bike with wheelie bars and a Nitrous bottle???
I wonder if that's for real???
And the message you are sending is . . . . ???
      (L) Bear and Ramal
(R) Ramal and Ann
I noticed this nice looking Harley, just as the sun went down.  The low lighting made for some great pictures.
Terry and his latest bike